Monday, February 20, 2012

So how did I go over the last week...

Well considering it was a fairly busy week, things went OK..I have organised my SKOW bits and pieces into a clearfile..that took a bit of time as I cut all the backgound pieces as well...each pocket has the background fabric and pattern in it.....and I have begun to cut the applique shapes for each one and they will go in the pocket too until I am ready to sew them..
I finished the applique on 2 blocks..should have taken the pins out before I took the photo!!
As for the couch companion , well I did stitch 2 flowers!! you need to look closely to see it...even though it doesn't look like much....
I did achieve something this past week...this coming week will not be as busy as the last my aim will be to applique at least another 2 blocks, and stitch some more flowers... and who knows what else I will achieve...I need to find a little something to finish  so I can include it for OPAM this month...


  1. you blocks look great Lyn,hope you have a good sewing week.xx

  2. I love seeing everyone's SKoW blocks. :o) Have a great Monday! xo

  3. Looking good Lyn..... love how you organise your SKOW blocks, great idea. I really must finish my Couch Companion too!

  4. I like to have the blocks all ready in separate packets too ... love the colours I can see so far... two flowers stitched is better than one... it looks a pretty design..

  5. Like the fabric you used for the Jeans on your block.
    Like you I really want to have at least one finish for OPAM so I need to get my skates on.

  6. sounds like your getting very organised with your SKoW.......

  7. You are very organised, your blocks are looking lovely already.


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