Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day ( now April is over)

Yes I should be moving on to my May blocks for TTS but I am frantically stitching to finish the April ones- other things have got in the way.   After all, they are only small, and I'm telling myself they should have been finished- so hopefully the photo will appear some time before the week is over!
Meanwhile I have finished something for Christmas, a little button tree.

I have also been working on some more hexagons they can be quite distracting, but they great to have as they are easy to work on at night when the eyes are feeling a little tired.  The piles are growing and next step will be to start to make more flowers.
The weather continues to be kind to us.  After a few frosts during the week it has been bright, sunny days of late- it sure does make a difference!  There are still the odd few flowers lingering on the plants like this rose on one of my climbers.  When leaves are dropping all around us it is nice to see something still blooming in the afternoon sun.


  1. Easter has just finished and you are already talking about Christmas, lol

    I love your Christmas Tree, great idea with the buttons.

  2. Cute Christmas tree and I love the colour of your hexagons, very pretty!


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