Saturday, May 21, 2011

Lots of thinking, not much sewing!

The daylight hours are getting shorter and it has been a week with little action on the crafting front.  Lots of plans for projects going on in my head ( insert 'daydreaming' here as a more likely scenario).   The last leaves are holding on in some of the trees in the garden- a strong wind and the last ones on the Golden Elm will fall I'm sure.

The blossom tree has one leaf still hanging in there and its pre winter flourish of blossom is starting- NOTE the lovely blue sky that we have today!!  If I seem obsessed with nice, clear days then maybe it is because everything seems so much brighter when the sun is shining and as winter approaches who doesn't want to see the sun??

Last year I made a shaggy quilt for Mum and then thought for something different that I would make another quilt but piece the squares  this time- well I have got the top pieced together- now all I have to do is quilt it- (the shaggy one was so much quicker!)  I took the photo outside on the clothesline and the sun was shining at the back of it.

Looking forward to the State Of Origin this week and keeping my fingers crossed for a NSW win- it's about time for a win for my old home state!!!


  1. I never seem to mind the cold if the sky is blue and the sun is shining, but when the sky is grey and it's raining it just makes it so miserable.

    I like how you've done that quilt, the colours are nice. Even though I'm a Kiwi, I barrack for QLD mainly because their colours are the same as my old athletic club colours :)

  2. Lovely autumn photos Lyn. Wonderful to get such a gorgeous day today after what we had all week. The colourway in your quilt is lovely, have fun quilting it!

  3. Beautiful quilt, Lyn. Love the colours.
    Must say I am suited to living in Queensland - like the warm, not so keen on cold winters.


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