Saturday, May 14, 2011

Needed- one new windscreen!!

Things were going so well yesterday- I'd caught up with some friends after work and was on the way home when it happened.  Just on dark, doing 100km on the highway, one large truck coming past me on the other side of the road and bang!  a stone hit the car, what a noise it made- (who knows what I must have yelled out when it happened!) frightening all right and a rotten end to the day.  There was a dent at the bottom of the windscreen and today several long cracks have spread across it- so now it's ring the insurance and see about getting a new one fitted.

On a brighter note, though, I have a finish for the month- a Christmas Bonbon.  I have also been busy making petals for my hexagons - so now I need to start making them into flowers.  Some of my other stitching is moving slowly so I need to up the pace there.  


  1. Oh No Lyn. It does give you a big fright when that happens. I had to replace my windscreen last month too.
    Just LOVE your Bon bon.
    Nice to read you are doing hexies . I have also jioned and am busy doing them.

  2. It would have been frightening, but at least the windscreen didn't break. Sometimes it's a bit of a juggling act keeping all the projects going isn't it?

  3. I love your Christmas bonbon, lovely colours!

  4. I love the bonbon.... all sorts of treasures could fit in there....

  5. I love the bonbon, I'm a huge fan of christmas...
    I would also been frighted, hope it will be fixed soon. Luckly that you didn't get hurt.


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