Friday, March 11, 2011

Tis the Season- fabric sorted????

After much procrastination I think I have finally decided on some of the fabric for my Tis The Season Quilt.  I'm going to try just a red and green for the block borders and then some of the stripe for the thin border and the binding.  I still have to get something for the wider border- will see how it looks once a few blocks are made.    


  1. It will look quite striking with that stripe in it, I find it hard to imagine how things will look until I actually make a block up.

  2. Love your fabrics....I thought I had chosen mine...but might have to re-think...have just been through my whole fabric stash to see if I had some of the paisley in there will make some changes.....procrastination is my middle name!

  3. how is the Tis the Season Quilt going????


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