Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Orange, (but it's not fabric)

It was Saturday again, the day to do the grocery shopping etc... What to put on the list?  Apricot jam for a change comes the suggestion.. I had noticed cheap apricots on the way home the other day (must be the last of the season surely) - so I thought home made does taste better and even though I haven't made jam for a couple of years now, that is how I spent part of my Saturday night- with some apricots, sugar and some glass jars and did it smell good!-  Here are a few of the jars that I made (12 in all), not quite something to put up for OPAM but it is something that DH was quite pleased with after sampling jar number 1.


  1. Yummo, you've reminded me that I should be thinking about making some jam soon. We've still got apricots here, so maybe next weekend will be a good time to make it. Your jam has a nice deep colour to it.

  2. oooh, yum - I'm up to my eyes in tomatoes for relish at the moment - will be nice to fill the pantry shelves though! Sorry I haven't emailed you back yet, will get on to that in the morning(I'm meant to be paying bills, not reading blogs. lol)


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