Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Little Finish-just in time!

My little thread catcher
 I did it!  I didn't want to end the month without a finish.  
  I had a square left over from a shaggy quilt I made last year, so I bound  it and then made a little thread catcher following the directions  in Kerry  Swain's book.  When I am stitching I usually have a 'stable table' on my  lap and end up with quite a collection of thread ends on it as I stitch away, so this is just what I need to be a little tidier.  
Beware of tomatoes!
They are dangerous for
your stitching!
  It has been a slow month project wise, after an unfortunate encounter with a tomato earlier this month.  Imagine, one minute walking along talking to a colleague and the next falling flat the concrete--with the offending piece of tomato stuck to the sole of my shoe (someone obviously didn't want it on their lunch and had dropped it on the ground!)- Talk about a shock to the system-  I'm still a little tender in some spots and am carefully watching out for rogue tomatoes, as I don't want to repeat the experience!


  1. Good on you Lyn for getting one for OPAM! That's a great little thread catcher, sew useful. Hope you're feeling 100% soon!

  2. So cute....congratulations. When you empty out the threads, maybe you should collect them into a glass jar....I saw someone do this once and it looked really unique....display it in your sewing room?


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