Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time is running out

The end of the month is nearly here and what do I have to show for OPAM, well nothing yet.  That is the problem with stitching away on blocks that are part of something larger!  I still have a few days left.   Meanwhile the days are getting colder and it has been a wet windy day.  Such a change from yesterday when we went to a wedding held in a garden where it was so hot that a few of us have a slight touch of sunburn.  Who would have thought after the weather we have had here of late!
It's too wet to be in the garden to take photos- there are flowers on some of our evergreen trees while the leaves are turning yellow on some of the deciduous ones- so we certainly know that Autumn is well and truly here. (Some might say that we are still waiting for the summer that never arrived this year!)
I'd best make the most of the next few nights and stitch up a storm and see what I can finish by the 31st!
Enjoy your stitching!


  1. You still have a few days Lyn, I am sure you will get there...look after that sunburn...

  2. I am sure you will get a small project done and if not you will have more next time.
    So good it was not wet for the wedding!!


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