Tuesday, April 7, 2015

This and that and FNWF

Time flies between posts..especially when it has been the busy end to the term...now with the holiday there's time to 'catch my breath' and catch up on all the things that I haven't had time to do..like reading blogs and seeing what everyone has been up to and getting back into some stitching. 
 The weather has been great over the Easter weekend (if we don't count yesterday) and it has been good to get outside, spend a bit of time in the garden and just enjoy the sunshine.  Our little tomatoes are ripening each day and I've just picked another bowl today.
Not a lot of stitching has been done lately but on Friday night I got out my bobbins and started on a bookmark..just for something relaxing to do...and it is far easier on tired eyes at night..
...and a bit of a close up with some pins removed ..
DD2 made her favourite cheesecake for dessert on Sunday and used her special plate to serve it..it was so delicious as always..white chocolate cheesecake with raspberries..


  1. wow you can do Bobbin lace.............not for me but very cool............happy easter that cheesecake looks great............

  2. The bookmark is beautiful and the cheesecake really looks yummy!

  3. Lovely work Lyn and that cheesecake looks so yummy xx

  4. Stunningly delicate bookmark, and a cheesecake on a so different and lovely plate, guess it all was eaten very quickly. Enjoy the holidays.

  5. Our tomatoes have just finished here in Melbourne - I used the last of them for our family Easter feast but yours look lovely. Love that cheesecake plate with the little bunny and the cheesecake looks delicious. Your tatting looks very pretty, too.

  6. your lace making is amazing....

  7. Lace making looks gorgeous and that cheese cake....yummy! Love the plate as well.


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