Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Photo frustration..

..I'm not sure if it's the new laptop or not but it sure is frustrating when I am visiting blogs and all I see are blank spaces where I know there should be photos.   I really want to see all the great things that are being worked on out there in blogland, .  It has been a real hit and miss as the odd one works and then nothing on a lot of others..I'm even having trouble seeing photos on  my own blog at times and the pages are taking a long time to really is annoying..hopefully things will right themselves soon..


  1. Occasionally this happens to me and I put it down to my dodgy internet.... hope you can work it out soon - very frustrating alright!

  2. I have been getting that quite often too... I find if I reload the page it seems to rectify but it is a nuisance to keep having to do it!

  3. I have had that a few times lately, maybe too many on the network in our own areas,

  4. Oh dear, how annoying for you, I hope it gets fixed soon.


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