Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Just relaxing..

..and enjoying the last few hours of my 50's,before I move into a new decade tomorrow..so I'll soon find out what it fells like to be 60 !!!!!!!
There was a knock at the door late this afternoon and it was the delivery of this beautiful arrangement of flowers from my dear Mum...ordered in Sydney and delivered through a florist over here in NZ..she wanted  to make sure I would have them in time for my birthday ..
I rang Mum to thank her and to check that she was all right given the wild weather that has been battering Sydney and beyond...she's OK but while we were talking on the phone the power went out again..I'm hoping it's not out too long..


  1. I hope you'll have the most amazing birthday ever!

  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow. Isn't your mum a sweetie, the flowers are beautiful. I hope she's ok in the storms.

  3. 5.24 a.m. Wednesday 22nd April . Are you awake yet??? Happy Birthday, flowers, ordered overseas, and delivered here, what a gift, so special. Have a wonderful day .

  4. Happy 60th Birthday Lyn, enjoy your day!

  5. wooohooo... Happy 60th birthday.... I hope you had a wonderful time yesterday... and for the year to come... beautiful flowers


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