Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's out with the old...

My poor old lamp has finally had fell apart the other night as I was sewing at night.  The lights on my sewing machine just don't do it at night so an extra light is a must..

I already knew that  'white' light suited me better than the yellowish glow of this old halogen lamp when it fell apart it was the perfect time to say goodbye to it and go shopping for a new one...there was not a lot of choice in town but this is the one I came home will get a good trial this week as I work on finishing a few things...well that is the plan after I finish writing some school reports ..


  1. That light looks very snazzy, and I'm sure the white will be so good to work with, well done, no good hanging on to a light that has lost its glow!!! Jean.


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