Sunday, November 9, 2014

Im back.... with FNWF

After a few weeks of blogging silence, I'm back to share what I worked on Friday night.  I had the writing stitched before Friday and did all of the rest on Friday night and did my fingers notice all that stitching!!  I had a bit of trouble focusing at one stage so a little closing of the eyes and I was back into it.  Saturday saw me putting on the borders and then starting to do a little quilting.....this one is for me...unlike the other secret sewing that I have been doing....
                         pear tree in the garden so I looked for something else and chose this one..


  1. lovely stitching there Lyn... lovely to see you post again...

  2. Very nice stitching, love the little bird, so cute.

  3. Cute.
    There seems to be a huge amount of secret stuff happening at the moment. :-)

  4. Hello Lyn,

    Such a pretty design for stitching.

    Happy days.

  5. Hi Lyn, nice to have you sew along again. Lovely little stitchery you worked on.


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