Sunday, November 23, 2014


Well FNSI saw me take some time, for myself, to do some more secret sewing  so I can't show too much but....I may or may not have been using some fabrics from this selection...
It was a change to have a break from this 2.5 inch high stack of papers.. 
yes, it's been end of year report writing time and in this stack are the subject reports for my class..all printed ..1 page per subject and there are 9 pages per student at the moment..I have been proofreading all the pages-some I have written and some have been done by other subject teachers ... then  writing a final comment  for each front page..and now they will be off to our Year 7 dean tomorrow for her to sign.. then on to the I going to be glad to pass them on.. I can get back to sewing at night...just for a change..


  1. I've popped over from FNSI. Some well deserved sewing time after report writing!

  2. lovely fabrics with holly and flowers, and I too would be so happy to have all that writing and checking finished. Busy time of the year for teachers, exam markers and students. I'm sure it was not so stressful when I sat what was then " UE", now NCEA level 2. Jean.

  3. What a gorgeous selection of fabrics, Lyn.


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