Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Garden Show on 2GB

Mum's favourite radio station is 2GB.  While in Sydney one of the things we listened to on a Saturday or Sunday morning was the Garden Show..and I jotted down a few tips from Graham Ross.  I thought last Sunday would be the last time I could listen to it till my next trip across the Tasman.  But surprise, surprise I can listen to it on my laptop..isn't the internet a wonderful thing.
Graham has just reminded us it is May Gibb's birthday.  Last year Mum and I visited her home, Nutcote, in Neutral Bay.  It is open to the public and a wonderful view into the past.  It will be a special day there today to remember her birthday.


  1. the internet certainly has opened so many avenues to us hasnt it. It would be lovely to visit Nutcote on her birthday.

  2. The wonders of the internet. We love visiting the Isle of Man and quite often listen to their radio station of an evening.


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