Sunday, January 26, 2014

FNSI for January

Last year I bought a copy of this magazine..thinking I could make some of the ornaments throughout the year...

                 it is a long time since I did any cross stitch so I picked up a little piece of fabric on Friday so I had something to start on Friday night..the fabric I picked up was 32ct linen (and I didn't read the pattern to see what I would need first) so before I could get very far with it ..a stronger light and a change of glasses was needed..and this is what I achieved...rather enjoyed it really..

                                Cosy Inn by Little House Needleworks on 32ct linen


  1. Very nice Lyn.. I can see why you needed your glasses and extra light..

  2. I also found that I needed better light and different specs when I returned to Cross stitch.
    You made a great start.

  3. Gorgeous linen. I had a little dabble in cross stitch this week too. Did you have to buy a large piece of linen or could you get a small off cut?

  4. Sorry, I did actually type Lyn not linen.

  5. I am not a cross stitcher but that is lovely - even with stronger glasses I wouldn't be able to do that good!!


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