Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I am still here in Sydney..or I was on Sunday (blog problem)

and when I got home I decided to change the size of the photo in this post and then when I updated it the date changed to today...I will have to see if I can find out if I can change the date again..here is the original post from Sunday
...I head home to NZ on Monday.  Mum and I have had a great couple of weeks and gee the time has flown by...Mum is not looking forward to me leaving on Monday...
Today we took a trip down to Como to see my cousin..bus and train on the way there and then train/ferry/bus on the way home...2 hours each way, from here on the Northern Beaches..but quite relaxing really and not much time to wait between each leg of the journey..well done Sydney transport!!
We went on a tour of the area and stopped here to admire the view and have lunch.

Well I have added the photo from my IPad and thought I was so clever...until I looked at my blog and it was too big...oh well still some learning to do here!!!  Will have to work it out later.
UPDATE...I waited till I got home and resized the photo using my laptop..still to work out how to do it on the ipad!!


  1. Well done Lyn. You will learn how to reduce the photos and then you can teach me..LOL

  2. I am so far behind in blog reading - you are nearly heading home before I realised you were back in Australia. Hope you have had a lovely time with your Mum.
    Safe travels home, and will catch up with you from across the waves.
    Good luck with learning to use your IPad - you will sort it out.


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