Monday, January 28, 2013

It's been a busy week...

my sewing machine has been whirring away at night over the past week...but I have not been the one operating it.  DD2 needed a costume for this weekend so she waited till I was back from Sydney to get started.  With work, a little bit has had to be done each night.  DD2 has been doing the sewing and 'creating' and I have been the 'support crew'...with some pinning (many seams together), cutting out, fitting, trimming, and re-threading the overlocker several times (what a job that is!) and 'offering advice' when it was asked are a few photos of the nearly end result,  themed on the Queen of Hearts...finishing touches and accessories tonight
front view
back view with attached bustle
side view
Phew!!! it has been a busy week...


  1. how clever are you girls... that is fantastic Lyn and DD2...

  2. Wow, impressive sewing by you both. I'm sure DD2 will be the star of the party.

  3. Wow talent really does run in your family. hugs

  4. WOW great "Steam Punk" costume... My DD2 said..
    Great sewing ...
    Seams both our daughters are very talented ladies..

  5. wow Lyn that is awesome your daughter is very clever with your help of course,well done to you both.xx

  6. stunning costume, will DD2 allow you to take a photo while she is wearing it complete with accessories?

  7. Wow, it looks amazing! Very gorgeous.

  8. Came here from FNSI. What a amazing dress!! Love it!


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