Saturday, January 26, 2013

26 January...

           Happy Australia Day to all of you in Australia.  Hope you have a wonderful day....

Now why is it that when you want to take a photo the batteries are flat on the camera.  So after charging them last night I have been able to take a few quick photos this afternoon.
    This year I've joined the one item for Christmas group...
and how quickly the 25th of the month rolls around when you join half way through.  So yesterday I stitched this little design (and finished it in a different way to the pattern) so I would have something to show for the month.  

 I also joined up for Friday Night Sewing and did some more stitching on this work in progress.
I hope you all found a little time to do some stitching as well...


  1. Such a pretty little stitchery for your decoration.

  2. I love your Christmas decoration and your flower stitching is lovely too!

  3. Hello Lyn,

    A great FNSI. Just love the flower stitching. I can see that would have been great to stitch.Do you guys have a long weekend for something too??

    Happy days.

  4. Love the decoration and the stitchery on the quilt looks great.

  5. Lovely ornament and stitchery. Hugs....

  6. I love your christmas ornament - good planning for next year!

  7. Love your Christmas ornie and stitchery is coming along nicely. Can't wait to see it finished.

  8. What a cute ornament, and pretty stitching! :)

  9. Love the Xmas ornament and your lovely FNSI stitchery :-)))))

  10. That's a really lovely ornament Lyn, and great stitching on the work in progress...
    visiting from FNSI linky

  11. Love the little flowers. Very sweet. I'm happy you were able to make progress Friday!

  12. Lovely ornament Lyn :)
    Welcome and thankyou for sharing ... I have finally been able to add your pic to the "1 Xmas" page.


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