Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I wonder why..

...my motivation, of late, to stitch and blog seems to have fallen into a big black hole of nothingness.   I have so much on the go and my work has just been sitting in a basket untouched for weeks now.  I needed something to kickstart my stitching again and perhaps it has been the sound of a whip cracking that may have got me going again today.
Mind you the way the weather has been the last few days (cold, drab and wet) would not excite anyone.  The creeks and rivers are up and there is a lot of water on the roads. On the news tonight was a piece about what some university students got up to on this stretch of water that passes by the university.
They had hooked up a rope and were taking turns on a surfboard, as the rest of the group waited by the concrete wall for their turn.  Needless to say the police soon put a stop to it.  What did they think they were doing??


  1. Youth is wasted on the young - crazy guy! Look out for that whip.

  2. i think we all go through the non production periods, and i feel i always come out the other side with more inspiration and enthusiasm

  3. Pleased to see you back... Waht are you going to be making???

    Oh there is always one!!!!!!Silly guy.

  4. I've had an off couple of months too. All it took was being too busy at work so tired & a swap where I didn't get anything and I was full of excuses for weeks. Now I am snapping out of it thank goodness. Sometimes a rest is needed to reinvigorate so hope that has now worked for you too. Isn't it funny to think that the smart ones go to uni - intelligence doesn't guarantee common sense! Have a great week. Tracee xx

  5. oh the idoits Lyn,hope your sewing mojo comes back soon.xx

  6. I know what you mean, I have been finding keeping up with my sewing projects and blogging hard too! Maybe it's something about this gloomy weather we have been having.


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