Tuesday, July 17, 2012

So, how far is it to Edinburgh ?

My daughter has been in Edinburgh now for a week.  She is looking for work and in the meantime is enjoying some sightseeing.  Before she left she went around town taking some photos , may be to remind her of home ???
Here is a shot of our Railway Station in town...in name only really...no regular passenger trains run on this main line now, just goods trains pass by as they head north .  There is a tourist train that departs and goes inland for a way on what has been left of that line.   

In front of the Railway Station is this sign, showing just how far it is to Edinburgh...

There is some Scottish heritage in our city as boatloads of settlers came out from Scotland in the mid 1800's.

Meanwhile on the sewing front I am again participating in this swap.
The theme for this time is a Mini Quilt for Father's Day...I have a pattern and fabric all organised..


  1. Lyn that is a lovely building and what fun this mini swap is.xx

  2. It is a beautiful building. We saw it on holidays in April. Dunedin is a gorgeous city, and we hope to visit again one day.

  3. Ahhhh !!!! Maybe it was the sign outside your beautiful Railway Station that gave your DD the idea to travel...
    Enjoy your Mini Sawp. Looking forward to seeing what you make.


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