Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday Night Sewing

On Friday night I set up my cutting board on the cutting block in the kitchen..I'll be trying that again as it was just the right height to be comfortable. So with my sewing machine and iron set up I got to work
 First I cut 1 inch bias strips and sewed them together

 and then cut out some small bias squares, turning that little square ruler back and forth as I cut seemed to take a lot of time..but that is the way I was shown doesn't look like much when I look at it like that but then I had to join pairs together..all part of a project I started at a meeting of our little quilt group a while ago (and it has lain in the bottom of the bag since.)
After I got tired of making squares, I wound some thread onto some lace bobbins to have something to work on yesterday afternoon, as our lace group was at the Art Gallery in town demonstrating lacemaking.  


  1. looks like lots of work so I am looking forward to seeing what you make whenthe wee squares are put together.

  2. you are a clever lady Lyn you make lace as well.xx

  3. Well done, Lyn. The next stage will take shape quite quickly now you have done all this preparation work. Some of these tasks take a lot of time don't they?

  4. I have taken over the kitchen too... great height for lots of little things to be cut...

  5. This looks interesting, I can't wait to see it together!


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