Saturday, September 24, 2011

What a relief....

Way back in August I bought myself the "Some Kind of Wonderful" book from the States and it only took 10 days to arrive. When a couple of friends saw it they asked if I could order a copy for them- sure I said, it only took 10 days for mine to arrive- so I went on line and ordered for them. Well, their books shipped on the 21st August and as each week has gone by I have continued to haunt my letterbox, hoping that each day when I came home from work that they would be there...Huge relief today-they arrived at last- just as well we still have Saturday mail deliveries.... I was going to do a post to see if anyone else had been experiencing delays with mail from the States, but instead I have been able to do a much happier post....


  1. Some things seem to arrive really quickly, and others ages. I ordered fabric a while back and it arrived after about two and a half three weeks, the other day I ordered some labels they arrived in about five days..... Looks like will be seeing some Anni projects coming from your way......

  2. I've waited up to 4 weeks for a parcel to arrive, and then other times they have come in 7 days, a friend and I ordered from the same place on the same day and I received my order about 2 weeks before she received hers. Sounds as if we will be seeing some new projects from you and maybe some sneak peeks of your Christmas swap.

  3. glad they arrived,its a great book


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