Sunday, September 25, 2011

On the home stretch...

I can see the end in sight- there is light at the end of the tunnel !! The top is nearly complete- just the gold to put top and bottom and then another border in the red print and that will 'just' leave the quilting...can I do it in time???
As you can see the way I am doing it is different to the pattern...and I am pleased with the way it is going.... Daylight Saving started today and true to form the weather was 'rubbish'- sunny to begin with but then it was overcast and we have had some hail showers....or maybe that is just the changeable weather we have been having of late


  1. looks great.....hope i can make the deadline too.......go for it.......

  2. Five days to do it, I reckon you will do it, looks good.

  3. Go Girl. I am sure you can get it done.

  4. Lyn it is so effective in the colours and style you have done.... barracking for you to get it done!!

  5. Wonderful Lyn, you're nearly there!


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