Thursday, September 29, 2011

Progress update...

The quilting is finished on my TTS quilt, so that just leaves the binding- but that can keep for another night..I'm feeling relieved (phew!!) because I think that I will make the deadline...YAY!!!! I'll go by AEST so that gives me an extra 3 hours as that is how far ahead of NSW we are since daylight saving began here last weekend. It will cut back to 2 hours once your daylight saving begins. Oh, and have a lovely 3 day weekend for all the States who have the Labour Day holiday on Monday...


  1. Good idea, the binding doesn't take too long as it's a fairly small quilt.

  2. long weekend here too Lyn.........go for can make it..........

  3. So that is how someone gets the extra time?


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