Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Sunday Again

Yes and it's back to work tomorrow.   It has been a busy time.  The week before last, a few late nights were spent helping to sew outfits for my daughter and her friends who were going to the Wellington Sevens.  I got the plum jobs (not!) of changing a top pattern into a dress pattern, cuting out, pressing hems up, ironing on the interfacing, sewing in the sleeves and doing the buttonholes- anything really that wasn't straight seams! Now I can get back onto my own things.  I have been doing 2 little stitched blocks for the flood relief and this week I want to post them off and also finish 2 cushions for my Mum. I have to put on the borders and then do the backs.  
Last week we thought summer was finally here- we had a morning of 35 degrees, and then a cool change came through and now we are back to waiting for summer again.

I thought I would try adding a picture, so found one of a table runner I had made for my mum. It is one from Viv's Creations and I put on a straight border. It goes well on the table and Mum was thrilled. A little trial and error and finally I have something I can share. A little more practice is needed both in taking the photos and in uploading them but I'll get there! I even cropped it before I exported it- crossing my fingers hoping that it would work!


  1. Well done with adding the picture is a gorgeous table runner...

  2. You have been a very busy girl. What beautiful stitchery on your Mum's table runner.
    Great photo ,well done.

  3. Don't you just love all those fiddly sewing bits on clothes . Always good to get back to those nice straight seams. Table runner looks great.

  4. do you know what mag this was in.........I had it pulled out and it got put away again.........think it was a COuntry Threads mag........
    yours looks great.........

  5. Hi, the pattern was in Country Threads Vol 7 No 12 and was called Say It With Flowers by Viv Robinson.


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