Monday, June 6, 2016

Little design boards..

I bought the foam core board, cut it to size and then watched the You Tube clip of them being made.  Lori Holt made it look easy..but I haven't done a lot of work with a hot glue gun a lot before, so it looks like a bit more practice could be on the way..
I made them 10" squares so I got  exactly 6 from the sheet of foam core board.  I have some looking 'au naturel', waiting for their fabric binding....

...and some others that have been finished with their fabric 'binding' around the outside..I'm rather pleased with how they turned out.
We've had another lovely day to finish off the long weekend over here. A stark contrast to the weather on the other side of the Tasman with the damage that the storms have caused up and down the east coast in NSW. 
 I've had a few phone calls with Mum over the weekend, checking how she is with the wild weather.  She is fine, just a bit of a  mop up where the rain blew in where it hasn't before.   She went for a walk down to the beach today to see what it was like after the storm, met up with a friend taking photos of the surf and got them emailed to me.. the southern end of Dee Why and the pool is somewhere there under all that water..and rocks washed up here and there

It's unbelievable to see the power of the water and it's ability to cause damage..


  1. Great work on the design boards...... Huge seas.....

  2. Oh those waves look amazing....

  3. Well done on the design boards. Those waves let us know the power of the sea don't they!!

  4. Wild weather, there is a huge amount of damage. So glad your Mum is safe.My larger design boards, I did them with a pillowcase cover, flannelette on one side, plain cotton on the other, and the same for the offcuts. Then I had a little easel type one, but just use that to pin blocks that are not in any real project at all.Not sure how I managed without them.

  5. Nice design boards Lyn...
    Pleased your Mum is okay.. Its amazing how powerful water is and scarey...

  6. I might just have to check out those design boards. I can sympathise with your mother as I live at Narrabeen and was walking ankle deep in water in my garden. Nothing got into the house fortunately for us. Others not so lucky.

  7. What waves glad everyone is safe. I like your boards. I have had mine since Lori made them on her blog and have many sizes. They are so useful.


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