Sunday, June 5, 2016

Getting back into last... part of the celebration for the Chookshed's 4th birthday....
I've been reading what some of you have been up to over the weekend, but I need to get on to leaving some comments as well.
It's been a long time between posts..a busy beginning to the year..lots of ideas but motivation has been lacking..I could think of any number of things that have distracted me from blogging, and the longer I was offline the harder it was to get going again.
So with the Chookshed's birthday came the impetus that now sees me online again.
I have been wanting to make some design boards for a after seeing Chookyblue's post I got myself organised.. It's the Queen's Birthday long weekend here in NZ so I have another day tomorrow to finish them up along with a bit of work on some other things..and then some photos to take. We have had 2 wonderfully sunny days on this side of the Tasman such a contrast to what we had last week.


  1. Sew nice to see you pop up again lyn... Look forward to seeing your design boards.
    We also have a long weekend in the West sew can sew again tomorrow.

  2. great to see your name again Lyn... Life does sometimes get in the way of things we enjoy to do, but you take care of yourself & some opportunities will come up I'm sure.

  3. I'm sure it was cold down your way lately. We have had a run of zero temps, in the early mornings, but warming up after 10 a.m. Good to see you again.

  4. Glad to see you are back and hope your mojo is back too.

  5. those design boards are so useful

  6. so lovely to see you back online........hope the design boards went well........i'm heading back to the Chookshed shortly......

  7. Nice to see you blogging again, hope you got some design boards made and stayed warm and dry this weekend!


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