Monday, January 25, 2016


..well I'm back home again after my trip to Sydney to see Mum.  It's a bit of a mammoth day travelling back..left Mum's at 6.30 am and arrived home at 9.30pm NZ time (7.30pm AEDT).there is no direct flight for us now from Sydney (they were discontinued in 2014 so more flight capacity could be put in to Queenstown and Christchurch..just great (not!!)) it was a 3 hour flight to Auckland, followed by a 3 hour wait in the domestic terminal before another 3 hour flight south..which included a 35 minute stop in Wellington...a long day just to cross the ditch..
I did join in for FNSI..spent a bit of time contemplating what I'm going to work on this year..and then did a little more on the rug I am making..have got seriously behind with it..
While I was away DH built the timber frame so we could have a roof over our back Saturday was spent helping to put the clear roofing was a bit breezy so all help was needed to hold the sheet panels till he had screwed them down...guess what sort of day we have today..
Yes, it's drizzling and showers are expected for the next few days..but I'm not worried as it's nice and dry under here.. that's one of the solar lights I found on sale in glows green when it's dark..
One week of school holidays left..then the year will really be in full swing..
I hope you all enjoyed FNSI..I will have to visit over the next few days to see what you all did...


  1. It was a long day for you great you could work on your beautiful crochet afghan...
    That was well timed getting the roof on the patio...

  2. Your rug is looking great. I love the colours.
    It's great having a covered outdoor area.

  3. Love the crochet, a long flight, and a verandah, this will be great in our summer heat,( 31C lots of days here) and so good in winter too. Enjoy the last of the hols.

  4. Good timing with the roof! It is like that for flights from where I live as well. To go to my sil's 1000 km away takes all day as we have to fly 1000 km south of her home, then wait in the airport for about 5 hours to catch the next flight back north. frustrating! Love your rug.

  5. Boy that travel sure takes up all day!! Your blanket looks great!! Good roof over the verandah, gives you more living space doesn't it.

  6. glad you got in good and safe.. how lovely to have your veranda roof on now

  7. WOW! Love the blanket/rug (?) you are crocheting! May I ask where I might find that pattern please? Would just love to make this!
    Thanks - Barbara in TN (USA)


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