Sunday, February 22, 2015


My FNSI this month became a Saturday Stitching Day.  One of my Friday Stitching Group friends and I set off early Saturday morning to drive an hour north, pick up another friend along the way, and then on to spend the day with a lovely group of ladies at their monthly quilting workday.
The drive up the hills out of town saw us travelling through some rather thick mist and it thankfully cleared as we went down the hills on the other side and along the coast.
  What a great day I had.
I did manage to do a little stitching (oh dear it doesn't look like much does it..but there is more to add to it..)  amongst all the chatting and looking at what others were working on...
I hope that everyone else had a wonderful time for FNSI this month as well


  1. Hi Lyn lovely stitching xx

  2. Pleased you had a great day and was still able to stitch a little..

  3. Your day out would be wonderful, and stitching, lovely, but company, seeing what others do, a drive through the countryside, is the best ever.

  4. Hi,
    beautiful stitchery !
    Lovely work and have a lovely day today!
    Best wishes

  5. Lovely stitching! I bet you had a lot of fun...

  6. lovely to have a day out like that.... I find there is a lot of stitching in words...

  7. Beautiful stitching Lyn.... it's all about quality not quantity you know. Glad to hear you had a lovely day out. Hope you get to go again.....xx

  8. Sounds like a good day Lyn, it does always seem to take longer to stitch words than I think it should! (Especially if there is lots of chattering going on as well!)

  9. Your work is always so beautiful Lyn. xox


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