Sunday, July 27, 2014

Today's project...

......was to make a 'chair bag' for my great niece to pop over the back of her chair at you can see pink is her favourite niece asked if we could make one so DD2 and I went shopping for the fabric yesterday...we loved the floral with the bees but also got a firmer fabric for the main part of the bag...added some appliqué flowers and now it is all set to be used...DD2 did the machine sewing and I was in charge of the cutting, pinning, pressing and blanket stitch around flowers..where would we be without vliesofix...a lovely afternoon spent sewing together..warm and cosy inside...while it was cold and wet outside..


  1. lovely fabrics Lyn.xx

  2. I think I made one for Danielle a few years ago, used firmer fabric for the backing too, they are very handy for the girls, and I guess guys to have. I need one for my chair by the computer desk. Cheers, Jean.

  3. p.s. I forgot to say, super bright pinks, lovely choices. Jean.


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