Sunday, July 6, 2014


My Friday night was a bit of a chill out night....after a long week I had an idea what I wanted to the way home I bought some stitchery fabric and then set about doing some prep for a project for Christmas.
A few years back, when I was just finding out about stitcheries, I started this Christmas quilt and while I completed a few blocks somehow I never quite got the last few finished...and they have sat in the cupboard since, out of sight out of mind....I know a couple of other ladies who are in the same boat and every so often the topic of finishing them comes up and that is about on Friday night I got the patterns out and had another look at them and decided to start again..leave off the buttonhole edge and the other stitched border and reduce the size down to 85%...and maybe then with renewed interest I might finish it by Christmas!!!
 So first decision was how big to cut the fabric for the 9 blocks for this smaller size, then with pen ready it was get ready to trace..
I bought a zip around folder for $2 at the cheap shop in town and my smaller sized blocks fit in no losing any of them now... 
..and so what about those orphan blocks that are already done...well I will think of something I can use them for...


  1. I am sure you will get the quilt done by Christmas with your renewed mojo for it. Oh there could be lots of nice projects you will use those orphan blocks for.

  2. well done on getting it out again after all this time Lyn! i;m sure you will make something lovely of these blocks

  3. oh this will be so lovely Lyn,enjoy your journey with it .xx

  4. Good job on giving that project another chance. Who knows.. you might just get to love it second time around. Look forward to seeing some lovely festive stitching.....xx

  5. Hope you have fun with your new version of this quilt - from memory it is a nice pattern.

  6. It's always a great feeling to rework those UFO's


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