Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Snow Day...

Yahoooo!!! I woke this morning to the news on the radio that the main roads into town were closed due to snow...traffic just couldn't get upand over the hills. .. we don't get snow like some other places but when it comes it can cause chaos because the hills around the city make driving rather dangerous.
 I waited and waited listening to the radio until finally the cancellation for our school was on the cancellations...yay...it is a day at home and no work for me..
but the BEST news yet is that I get to spend the day at home with DD1 who is home from Edinburgh till next Tuesday..just perfect.  She heads off to Sydney next week with DD2 to spend a few weeks with my mum/their nana and then she is heading back to Edinburgh.  It has just been fabulous having her at home...
So what has the snow been like...

In the early morning light..snow on the shrubs and the dog's footprints after some fun in the snow..some of my lighter shrubs were laying over with the snow and my poor boronia has some snapped branches.
 About 6.30 and the traffic on the main road into town just couldn't make it up the hill..they sat there, going nowhere for a few hours..it must have been so cold..
 As daylight came the dogs were out playing in the snow again..our little Westie must have thought he was a snowplow as he had so much fun running along and rolling in it..
 there was about 2 inches of snow on the cars and on the ground around the house and the trees were covered as well

Here is the main road into town about 9.30 am..after the snow plough and grit trucks had managed to get through and get the traffic moving...I bet the people in the cars were happy to get moving again..

Well I'm off to make a lemon meringue pie to go with the roast for tea...special request from DD1..I have already made the salted caramel popcorn..and am working through the other special request items for the menus before she heads off again....isn't that what being a Mum is all about..and they are never too old to want some of Mum's home cooking...


  1. Wow it looks cold at your place!! It's cold here too but nice inside with the fire on. Your dinner plans sound yummy! Beautiful photos by the way, Wendy

  2. oh wow Lynn can i come for tea as well sounds so yummy,love the snow pics,have fun with your DD.xx

  3. Love your snow pics Lyn, hasn't it been bitterly cold....
    Perfect timing for a snow day with your daughter!

  4. The perfect day to be snow- bound at home. My blog pics from the farm in Otago, Hugh says he wants to be down south!! Cheers from Jean.

  5. The snow is so beautiful... how fun to have DD1 home for a bit... enjoy...

  6. Oh what a bonus. Sounds like a perfect day at home with your daughter.

  7. How wonderful to get a bonus day with your daughter. Hmmm salted caramel popcorn.....I think you should share that recipe


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