Sunday, May 5, 2013

Friday Night With Friends..

I think I have achieved the most ever for a Friday night of stitching!!  Before I started I had only stitched the petals on 2 flowers and I needed all the stitching done by this morning..the pressure was on!
It started on Friday afternoon with my stitching friends...great to have the school holidays so I could spend the whole afternoon stitching with them...(back at school next week so it will be back to catching up with them for an hour or so after school each Friday.)
then yesterday I continued on with my lace group get together...but I needed to finish the stitching on the project so took that instead of lace..
and then on to this morning when a small group of us got together to finish...that was why I was on such a tight time frame..the others had done their stitching early..(while I had other things that needed to be done)..
and so this is how it looks at the moment..
the rubber bands are there till the glue sets on the will take another photo in a day or so once i am sure the glue has set...there are some threads etc to trim off but I'll do that once I can unroll what is going into it..well maybe a long term project that I started stitching about 3 years ago (I think)...I need to get it finished this year...


  1. cant wait to see it with the rubber bands off Lyn,you had a good FNWF,well done.xx

  2. You did have a very productive FnWFs Lyn..
    Will call back to see your project without the bands..

  3. Your stitching is beautiful, the flowers are gorgeous Lyn.

  4. You did do well with getting the stitching done on time. Will be waiting to see it properly once the rubberbands are off.

  5. lots done.... I'm intrigued to see the project when the glue has set and the bands are off....

  6. I am the same can't wait to see this...lovely stitching...


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