Thursday, January 5, 2012

A new year begins...

and time to plan what I want to achieve this year...after having a tidy up of my sewing bits and pieces I realised that perhaps this year could be a year of working on what I already have......I was surprised and somewhat embarrassed at what I had accumulated for projects that I just couldn't resist when I saw them....bits and pieces that I had put in one cupboard or another and have yet to make a start on ...but hold on,  I think that was my aim for 2011!!  so will see how successful I am this year in lightening my stash of projects...
We've had a busy start to the year with family visiting from the North Island, so no time for stitching of late..but the weather was good while they were here...just warm, sunny days in contrast to what was happening up north where they are from....Reading the paper this morning there was also the news that we have had the driest December on record here...just 9mm of wonder the lawns are looking rather sad at the moment...The cricket is on the TV and Mike Hussey has just reached his century...good for him after the disappointment of Melbourne... Clarke is on 293...and off they go for lunch...
Oops...I've missed the first deadline for the Some Kind of Wonderful Stitch-a-Long so will need to get going and catch up by the end of January (I think I can, I hope I can...)                                           



  1. Lyn, I know exactly what you mean about having little groups of projects I just knew I would do all over the place. I am thinking also that I need to get some made this year, we'll see how we go!

  2. I think we all start the year with those good intentions, I have been having a clean up too. Good luck with sticking to it, and with SKOW deadlines.

  3. I can't seem to stop myself from accumulating fabrics for another project, it just happens, although instead of buying fabric for another one, I have decided to use left-overs from my Civil War quilt so at least that is a step in the right direction :)

  4. it must be sewing / blogging clean up time as we all seem to be doing you i have heaps of projects to do

    my goal is to finish my husbands quilt, a BOM quilt from ....2009....and get my daughters quilt ready for batting (it has heaps of applique on it)


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