Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm back...

..and there is a chilly wind outside today.  I enjoyed the rather moderate (for January that is) but very enjoyable temperatures in the mid 20's in Sydney.  There were many comments over there about waiting for summer to arrive..   Spare a thought for us here...Heavy rain in town for us last night but just south of us there was snow on the top of the hills this morning.  With the breeze blowing from the south today it is a little on the cold side with temperatures expected to be from 6- 14 degrees according to the paper. 
The sun is shining, though, so it is lovely sitting inside which will be perfect for the first get together for the year of my craft group this afternoon.  I'm back at work next week so I will enjoy being able to spend the whole afternoon catching up on what everyone has been doing since the middle of December.
It's funny how my suitcase was only half of the allowed baggage weight on the way over to Sydney and just 0.3 of a kilo under on the way back and that was after I'd taken out the things I had for Mum in Sydney and carried hand luggage on the way back...
I had a lovely time...just Mum and I...and too soon it was time to return home...part of my handluggage had to include (of course) 2 favourites for the family...

these didn't last long!!!
and neither will this!!


  1. welcome back... hope your weather is kind...

  2. yummy, i am coming to your house,lol.xx

  3. Always nice to be home but it is wonderful to spend time with MUM. I love spending time with my DDs and it is NEVER long enough.


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