Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Snow...

Yes, it snowed here in the South yesterday, and consequently we have single digit temperatures.  The weather forecasters did predict snow at the end of the week and they were right- a light fall where we are left a coating of white on Saturday morning..
Snow on the outside table...
Now the worst part of it all was that we were travelling south to Invercargill for the Southern Regional Lace Day yesterday.  Each year one of the southern centres hosts the lacemaking groups  for a get together day.. The roads were clear where we are, so off we set for the 2 1/2 hour drive south on the highway, not too worried about the snow (we thought the front had passed through!!)  How wrong we were when, for quite a part of the journey, we ended up driving through the snow falling, then it would clear and then it would come through heavy again.  The closer we got to our destination the thicker it was on the road.  I'm glad I wasn't driving!  At one point the car in front of us turned off to the other side of the road and went back the way they had come, must have been too much for them!!
We joked about what time we had to be back at work on Monday, but we made it through and had a lovely day- we all got a Christmas Cracker (since it was Guy Fawkes) with little goodies inside.  We enjoyed the company, lots of chatter and looking at what everyone was working on.  I bought a few new bobbins (just have to spangle them i.e. attach some beads for weight) and some variegated cottons to try and won 2 raffle prizes.  Next year it will only be an hours drive south...and hopefully not in the snow!
Some things I bought and a few of the other goodies I got...



  1. WOW!! I do like to look at the snow only because we do not have it here.
    Lucky you to win two raffles.
    You did bring home some nice loot.

  2. can't believe you got November.........

  3. It looks so cold! We are cold here in Hamilton (no snow of course!) so I have the fire lighted again. You have a nice bundle of goodies.

  4. Isn't lacemaking fun, I was a member of the Victorian lace guild for quite a few years, then kids came along, then Cross stiching.. But seeing yours, it might make a re appearance very soon.

  5. Whow snow we are just starting to get nice warm weather here,congrats on your 2 wins,lucky you

  6. I can remember it snowing when we were driving on the Desert Rd through to Waiouru and that was in November, we kept thinking it would be cold in the tents that night. Good to hear you had a great day and bought some goodies as well.


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