Wednesday, November 23, 2011


It's that time of the year when things are just plain busy...busy at work and busy with secret projects...and too busy to post on my blog.  So this afternoon I came home a bit early for some 'me' time (encouraged to do so by a colleague)  So what have I was sunny -ish when I came I sat out on the back deck with a cup of coffee reading the newspaper...then took a walk around the garden to take a few photos (with the dogs for company)...and then I was chased inside by the is looking quite dark down south so I imagine it may get heavier... so I am posting a bit of colour from the garden since I can't show any photos of my sewing...I have only had time for 'secret stuff'...

I have been waiting for a replacement printer for our newish one that would not stay online and print...a hardware problem I was told after a 2 hour diagnosis over the phone!!... and finally it has arrived ...after a month of has been one hassle after another - not made any easier by the support centre being now I'll be able to print, scan and fax again...


  1. so good to get some time to yourself.... hope you are rested... lovely flowers

  2. Hope the printer problems are now behind you. Can be very frustrating.
    Lovely pics. So pleased you got a little time to enjoy the garden before the rain.
    Take care. xx

  3. How lovely to have some me time, it is the only thing i like about shift work....

  4. Your garden photos are beautiful, sounds like you had a lovely afternoon. It does get hard fitting everything in at this time of year!

  5. I think this time of the year is a busy time, things to make - both fabric and food, places to go to, friends to catch up with etc, lovely flower pics, your garden must be looking lovely.

  6. love your garden shots,lovely


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