Thursday, October 13, 2011

Off the pillow at last....

....the bobbin lace pillow that is...

this little (about 2 inches across) piece of Bucks Point lace has been sitting 'finished' except for the the ends to be joined to make it complete...
While I have been busy doing other things it has been sitting for far longer than I would like to admit and so yesterday was the day... feels good to have another now I can set up my bobbins for the new thing I want to do... just hope I remember what to do as it has been so long now......I need the practise....


  1. Very pretty, reminds me of a snowflake.

  2. oh my goodness.. .. you have just shot over my impressed radar.. that is so delicate and pretty.. love it...

  3. I just love it. Looks so delicate.

  4. Oh you clever you. I am so in awe of people who can do that !!!!!! Beautiful.

  5. Your lace is beautiful, you are so clever to be able to create such a delicate thing!


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