Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's a finish...

Yes, a finish so early in the month...the fabric from several posts back has been turned into this, the latest Christmas themed project we have done in the group I have been going to each  month...I do have sore fingers from attaching the beads and stitching to highlight the patterns on the fabric...( if I had spaced it out better over the month then there wouldn't have been a problem...but Tis the Season took up a bit of my time..)

It wouldn't be Spring without the sight of daffodils...after the strong winds that we have had in the past few days a few of them have their stems bent and heads down...there are bits and pieces blown around the yard, but at least we escaped the power outages that others in the area had...

Have a great day!


  1. Gorgeous. Love the fabric you have used.
    Ahhh daffodils are so beautiful.

  2. I just love the litle stocking.Worth sore fingers.
    Beautiful bright yellow daffie.

  3. Oh Lyn, your stocking is just beautiful. The stitching and beading are amazing and work so well with the fabric. I love it!

  4. Beautiful and well worth the sore fingers to highlight the fabric, that was the fabric I loved that you showed a couple of posts back wasn't it?


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