Friday, June 10, 2011

A small project finished

It was good to sit down and sew on my machine the other day and finish a little project- a set of four mugrugs for my mum, just plain really.  They have winged their way to Oz already.  I hope she likes them as I used some squares that were left over from a quilt that I made for her last year and the colours match other things that she has in her lounge.  This is my first finish for the month.  Everything else I have been working on is not so easy or quick to finish as they are part of longer term projects and involve handstitching.


  1. These look very pretty, what a lovely idea for a gift.

  2. really pretty, your mum will love then for sure.
    have you received the Jaimie Oliver book yet?
    the bag bible book looks great too....

    i definitely need some easy finish projects, i am thigh high in long term projects ....with no end in sight

  3. They are lovely... it is great to have a relatively quick and easy finish done ... and those are so useful and much prettier than the pieces of cork coasters!!

  4. Great little finish and I am sure your Mum will love them.

  5. Sometimes you need a little project for some of that "I finished something" gratification and as a break from the large projects.

  6. Lovely Lyn..I am sure you mum will love them...


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