Monday, June 6, 2011

Relaxing Long Weekend

Here in NZ it has been the Queen's Birthday Weekend, so the three day weekend has been very welcome- for those of you in NSW I know that it's your turn next weekend, so I hope you enjoy the extra day too.   
The days have been sunny down here in the South ( I won't say warm as we managed to hit a high of 13C today)  A bit of rain the other night but otherwise dry during the day.
So what have I been up to?  
Well the sewing machine has been humming away today with a project in progress-  
I have been relaxing and reading a book or two which arrived recently
One about food and the other about bags, which I have seen mentioned on a few other blogs.

Talking to mum last night she said how she has enjoyed watching Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Dinners on TV- so I have ordered the book for her, and myself as well ( I found the best price last night on Amazon UK and if you spent over 25 pound then postage was free if all went to the one address)- so what was a girl to do but order 2 copies - my daughters will bring mine back from Sydney after their visit with Mum.
 Have a great week and enjoy your stitching!

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  1. It's always nice to have a long weekend especially when you work through the week, ours is next weekend. Our weather has been quite wintry lately, makes it easy to stay inside in the warm.


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