Friday, April 22, 2011

Another Year Gone

Well another year has passed me by, they seem to go so quickly these days.  When we were growing up the years seemed so much longer. 
This is the first time my birthday has fallen on Good Friday,  so it has been a quiet day spent with the family -  we did enjoy some nice blue cod for tea and instead of making the traditional hot cross buns for today, I made cinnamon scrolls instead ( from one of Bill Granger's cookbooks) 
I did spend some time spent tacking hexagons and enjoying the sun shining.  My family surprised me with a lovely new camera so I'm hoping that the quality and quantity of my photos should improve dramatically.  The battery is on charge so it should be all systems go tomorrow.


  1. Happy Birthday Lyn! Sounds like you had a great day xx

  2. Happy Birthday Lyn.

    The scrolls sound yummy.

  3. Happy Birthday sounds like a good way to spend the nice to get a new camera.

  4. Be great to see your hexi quilt as im a fan of hexi, all mine done by hand so its slow going, and a late happy birthday to you, x


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