Monday, January 2, 2017

SSCS received

Well here it is 2017 already.  I am over in Sydney visiting Mum and head back to NZ next sure has been warm here, not what I am used to at all.
I joined in for Chooky's SSCS swap again for Christmas.  I received my gorgeous gifts from Fiona of Bubzrugz blog..a lovely ornament and table runner to treasure..they are absolutely fabulous..
Apologies for the odd sized photos..the first 2 should be smaller and the table runner bigger but I am having big issues using Blogger on my iPad (since I updated the operating system..wish I hadn't). Will have to wait till I go home to fix the meantime here are my lovely gifts..


  1. Fabulous ornie and I love the table runner out of great fabrics and the funny reindeers... .

  2. The orny is lovely but the table runner is gorgeous!

  3. glad yo like it... I have never mastered blogging from an ipad... something to learn this year I think...


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