Saturday, August 29, 2015

Talk about slow stitching..

Or should I say hardly any stitching (or blogging either).  Busy times seem to make the days slip by in a bit of a blur!!
This seems to be the sum total of my stitching efforts over the last few weeks..a few paper pieces joined together and a few more rows on the rug I am making....just a little bit of progress

looking for help......On signing in this morning I received a notice that said I have to notify visitors from Europe about any cookies that are used on my blog?? have any of you got the same notice and if so what did you do about it??? Cookies??


  1. Spam?
    I haven't seen anything like that..... Will be on the laptop later so will email if anything comes up...

    You do mean in blogger -google don't you.....

  2. Hmm not on my iPad but like Chooky will open my laptop and check... I'd say it's spam ??

    I know what you mean about the days and weeks blending into one another... Even when travelling in the Humpy..

    Nice ripple blanket and Lucy Boston block.

  3. I haven't seen anything like that either. Love your ripple blanket and cute epp. We just have to squeeze our crafting in somewhere in the week.

  4. I would delete the email. I haven't had anything like that. Super knitting.

  5. Hi, just to let you know I am from UK and get message about cookies at top of all blog posts that I read, so would ignore it! Christine

  6. Very nice crochet there Lyn, love all those colours... yes sometimes life gets in the way of stitching & blogging doesn't it?! Looks like Christine has answered your question about Cookies


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