Monday, October 6, 2014

Friday Night With Friends

A little late in posting about Friday Night...a busy weekend not all spent with needle in hand..there was some handstitching on Friday night and then I cut out all the pieces needed to start working on an embroidered workbasket that was in an Inspirations Magazine.  One of the ladies in our little lace group had made one last year and so two of us decided that we would like to make it as well.
I managed to find a copy of the magazine and have been meaning to start it all year.  
When I was at our lace group 2 weeks ago I saw how much the other lady had made ..eeeek... I need to get myself going on here is the photo of the workbasket from the magazine,,the pattern piece for the outside and the threads I am using..I'm using DMC as that is all I could get now I need to trace all those lines on 6 pieces for the outside parts first...and start the backstitch..
The weather has been up and down here..on Saturday we woke to light snow on the hills and some on the ground and a chilly day..on Sunday we basked in the top temperature for the country..a 'balmy' 20 degrees...but sad to say today has been cold and wet with hail showers..still life isn't too least we don't live in Auckland where many people have been without power since early Sunday morning...not good enough...


  1. Lovely basket, and the best stitchery for by the fire as snow falls. Lots further south, and some lambs lost, Did you see TVNZ news on Saturday night? Our friend Tracey Peters south of Waiouru, with snow all round. I missed some so use TVNZ on demand, very handy. Cheers,Jean

  2. Goodness Lyn, this basket is going to be a real beauty... very pretty, but lots of intricate stitching required... I'm sure it will turn out just fine...

  3. I look forward to seeing your basket, so much stitching to do!

  4. Beautiful pattern, I look forward to seeing your basket too :)

  5. That work basket looks beautiful - good luck with all the embroidery!

  6. I've popped over from FNwF....looking forward to seeing your basket. It;s going to be lovely when it's done.


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