Monday, September 8, 2014

It's a Mystery..

..quilt project that is..when I saw the post from The Country Yard advertising a stitchery mystery quilt I was was the colours that got me!!
When I got home this afternoon the first package was in the mail..

When I opened it up this  was inside..a beautifully wrapped package....                
which I opened up to reveal this box to put everything in...
and inside it was the fabric for the some of the stitcheries..some Cottage Garden and Aurifil thread ...
..and a needlecase..which was a lovely surprise...
Now I can't wait till the next month's package arrives....


  1. No wonder you decided to make the mystery quilt. Just beautiful fabrics and your first parcel is fabulous.

  2. I can see why those fabrics attracted you, they're lovely. It will be fun to see what they become.

  3. How exciting for you and yes the fabrics do look lovely. They would have got me in also.

  4. Looks gorgeous, I look forward to seeing this made up.


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