Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Just wondering how accurate the weather forecast is going to be....

I was just checking on the weather report for tomorrow and this is what was on line...I wonder if that is the way the weather will pan out..or if it might just pass us by as it did last month
According to DH they are now saying Friday will be the day..hmmm..will just have to wait and see..


Occasional showers developing in the morning. Snow above 500 metres, gradually lowering to near sea level overnight. Northwesterlies, gale gusting 120 km/h especially about the eastern ranges, tending westerly and easing by midday.
Issued: 11:25am 6 Aug


  1. Today

    Scattered showers. Snow above 500 metres, gradually lowering overnight. Northwesterlies, gale gusting 130 km/h in exposed places, tending westerly and easing by midday.
    Issued: 4:00am 7 Aug
    Central Otago this morning's data. Hope the winds do not get as strong, and the temps rise, as does the snow level, so one down, and two up,
    The moral of all this
    "If you go out in the wind today, wear hat and coat and gloves", sung to the tune of a Teddy Bear's Picnic. Cheers, Jean.

  2. Hope you can stay home snuggled under a quilt!

  3. Hi Lyn yes i like Susan idea.xx

  4. Oh I hope you are not getting the weather we had last weekend Lyn!! It was very cold! Keep warm at home!!


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