Saturday, February 8, 2014

It breaks your heart... read what Chookyblue and the farmers in Australia are going through.  DROUGHT..such an insidious word...and the physical and emotional stress that it brings is far more than we, in the cities could ever imagine.  No water, no feed for the animals....
They need our prayers and our thoughts .....they need us to know what they are going through....they need help.....


  1. So hard to imagine when we have water and just carry on as per usual...what I find it interesting it is that females writing in blogs realise the farmers need come the Government here doesn't realise that too?? They should be ashamed of themselves!

  2. It certainly is a problem. Even if the animals can be sold the farmer gets only cents for them.

  3. I'm totally agreeing with kiwikid... I think the gov't finds it easier to pay attention to issues that can be solved quickly... but the harder things like drought, and how to support failing iconic Aussie businesses, are not 'sexy' for them, so they don't give it proper consideration and support.

  4. It is just terrible. They defiantly need help.


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