Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Today has just come around too soon..

and we have been back to the airport to wave goodbye not only to DD1 this time but also DD2.  They are on their way to spend 2 weeks with their Nana (my Mum) and then DD1 will fly on back to Edinburgh and DD2 will fly back home.  On their list of things to do are the State of Origin game tomorrow and then a Manly game at Brookvale Oval.
There were not as many tears as last year when DD1 left for Edinburgh,( but there were still a few shed), and the house sure feels empty after her visit.  Just DH and I..
On Saturday we went for a drive over the hills but not too far away.  First stop was for an icecream..$2.80 each and here is mine, already partly eaten..mmmm maple syrup on top and caramel fudge on the bottom.  It must have been at least 5 inches high and I had already started before I took the photo..it did take some eating!!! and kept us all quiet in the car..
Then we stopped to take some shots of the harbour from the old road north out of the city
and DD1 was also getting some shots before she left town again..


  1. hope your girls have a fun time Lyn and boy that sure is a big ice cream.xx

  2. Hope your daughters enjoy the game and they bring the blues some luck.... Massive ice cream, I think I gained weight just looking at it

  3. Fun time together making wonderful memories... it is always hard seeing them off.....

  4. With all our family visits I got a bit behind blog reading so have been catching up on your happenings. How lovely to have your DD1 home for that time. Always hard to see them leave, but you have had some great times bhile she was home, by the sound of it. (Not least being those ice creams - wow!!!) Hope they bring some luck to the Blues camp tonight. But if not that they at least enjoy the game.


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